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Jumpstarter Goal of 10,000 Families
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Launching January 2018

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launch the next generation of family protection

Your Reward: The first 10,000 families to join Together will be credited as Founding Contributors and receive honourary recognition by the Together Family Foundation. In addition, we will be sending out special tokens of generosity, provided by supporting organizations (to be announced)!

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Calculate how much you need to contribute, to set your family up for the monthly support they would need

A New Approach

for a new world

There are stories about our history that leave us in wonder. Places and times once existed, where if misfortune struck down the head of a family, the community quickly responded with both comfort and support for those left delicate. So many special things can be learned from our past, and we are often at our best when we take from them to forge our future– and BE THE CHANGE we wish to see in the world, as Ghandi once said. Sometimes we hear news stories about a family falling on hard times, and there is almost always a swift response of sharing and giving from the community; this is only a hint at what we can really do.  If we dig down deep and reflect on what a Family-To-Family rainy day fund really means for our society, it’s obvious that Together is something that we all want to see happen, because a world where something like this exists, is the world we want to live in.

Together has no payroll, and is managed completely through the big hearts of it’s contributors, volunteers and board members– which allows over 80% of donations to goto families in need. …

Canada and the US

The Together Family Foundation (Business Number 9601775 — Tax number 786338897) is a Canadian registered charity based in Toronto, and is structured to function in Canada and the US. An …

Transparent & Community Driven

Together uses volunteer sourced algorithm’s to determine how much a family needs to contribute, and how many families it’s able to help. Together will be completely transparent with all the important …

Using the latest app technology and the help of passionate and accomplished volunteers, the Together Familiy Foundation has set out to ensure that payment, technology and administrative costs take less …


The Vision & Details

Count down to Jumpstart

July 4th 2016: We’ve opened up Together to volunteers, friends and family to join, while we complete preparations for the Together Jumpstart campaign to begin in August 2016.

Track Where Your Donations Go

Your Contributions: Your contributions never go into a dark pool, only to end up at some unknown destination. Each donation flows into the Together account, which is audited and transparently tracked.  We …

Gifted Income Until the Age Of Retirement

Becoming a contributor to Together automatically puts your family in line to receive monthly support donations if the primary income earner passes away, until the age of retirement (65)– the typical time needed …

Contribution Algorithm

We are in the process of finalizing the algorithm for calculating how much a family should contribute, based on their primary income earners details, such as age, health, gender and …